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Behind the News: Media Literacy for Gen Z

In April 2023 we launched a TikTok initiative called @bakomnyheterna ("Behind the News")

– content designed for young people by young people on matters related to media and information literacy.


The TikTok account was created as a response to the misconceptions about journalistic processes (and its link to media distrust) we identified in our various interactions with Gen Z.

Our goal with the account is to contribute to further insight and trust in editorial news media processes. The account is hosted by Zakaria “Zaki” Hassan, who is a 17-year old high school student who has been working with IN/LAB on various projects.

TikTok is far from an un-controversial platform, but with @backomnyheterna we felt that we have weighed its risks with the opportunity to give young people a chance to understand editorial processes and products in a format that is known (and liked!) by them.


Zaki had casual short interviews with journalists employed by Swedish news outlets under the Schibsted umbrella (Aftonbladet, SvD, and Omni). Within these interviews, Zaki delved into questions that he, along with other youths we have engaged with, found intriguing or struggled to comprehend. And to add a personal touch, he wrapped up each interview with personal questions providing viewers a glimpse into the individuals dedicated to producing today’s news.


The account has received positive feedback both internally, from editorial and product staff, and externally, from our TikTok viewers and followers.

As part of our ongoing engagement with this account, Aftonbladet has assumed temporary management responsibilities and will use the platform throughout the fall of 2023 to continue generate meaningful content while also promoting the Unga Journalistpriset ("Young Journalist Award") competition, a collaborative effort involving Aftonbladet, Mediekompass and Mobile Stories.



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